Pandora Winter 2017 collection

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Pandora Winter 2017 collection

Сообщение Hordich » Вт ноя 21, 2017 4:37 am

Today’s post brings my first review from the pandora joyas collection, with a closer look at the Mint Glitter muranos! These were a day one purchase for me, with their gorgeous sea colour and sand-like glitter. No matter what you might think about Pandora’s changing style in relation to other charms, I think that their murano glass is an area in which they consistently show innovation, quality and real creativity.

The murano is called the ‘Mint Glitter’, but I’d definitely say that the pandora disney 2017 has quite a lot of blue in it – more than I think you’d expect from ‘mint’! It’s such a stunning colour, though. It works particularly well with the golden glitter, as it instantly puts you in mind of tropical beaches. The colours work so well together. In addition to the darker gold glitter, there is also some lighter shimmer in the glass, which really set off the whole effect.

As is usual with the murano glass beads (which are handmade), the Glitter muranos vary a lot. The stock image, for example, shows mainly lighter glitter. Both of my muranos tend to have darker, deeper patches of gold (which I prefer), rather than the iridescent, all-over shimmer of the stock image murano. The muranos in store were also different in size: I picked out two chubbier ones, as I think pandora charms disney always show off the designs and offer a greater pop of colour!The glass itself is clear; all the colour is wrapped around the core. The beautiful bubbles are spread through the glass itself, however. The murano features the smaller Pandora silver core, allowing you to see more of the glass design and appreciate all those lovely threads of gold.

As many people have noted, the glitter in the muranos is really reminiscent of golden sand – combined with the rich jewel-like colour, it immediately made me want to revisit an Arabian Nights styling. For this, I combined the mint with some lovely pastel purples, and added the Camel, the Arabian Coffee Pot, the Twinkling Night clip and the Hope Chest as my themed beads. The pandora precios charms in the Double Heart clips remind me of treasure, too, while their hint of gold adds a dash of warmth.

My next styling comes as a result of a number of questions I had over whether the Glitter muranos look good with the pandora anillos precios collection. My answer is an emphatic ‘yes’ in the case of both the pink and the mint glitter beads! Both the pink and the mint colours complement the rose gold shade well, while the threads of gold look coppery when paired with the pinker metal. This bangle design shows off the mint with a Pandora Rose clip – I don’t have the pink Glitter muranos to show you with the Rose, but I saw some very nice combinations in store.
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