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nike shoes online

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Andreas Eppinger, group vice president, technology nike shoes outlet management at Johnson Controls’ automotive seating segment, said the joint venture’s goal is to “redefine manufacturing with optimal mix of manual labor and automation.”Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer described the move as the “first glimpse into the future of production.”
A production run of 500 pairs of Futurecraft 3D printed running shoes has been set for early 2016, with high-volume production for consumers set to launch nike shoes sale thereafter.The Speedfactory project will include intelligent robotic technology while also offering unique design elements to the shoes, as reported previously at, a sister publication of Rubber & Plastics News.
The three-year project aims to create a second plant close to that currently in development in Ansbach, during 2016.Gerd Manz, Adidas’ vice president-technology nike shoes women innovation, said the project is “part of an effort to bring manufacturing back closer to its consumers in more affluent countries,” a footwear industry trend reported previously.
“This flexibility opens doors for us to be much closer to the market and to where our consumer is. Ultimately we are at the forefront of innovating our industry by expanding nike shoes online the boundaries for how, where and when we can manufacture our industry-leading products,” Manz said.The company claimes that reduced shipping emissions and drastic reduction of adhesives will benefit the environment.
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