Pandora bracelet is a nice silver

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Pandora bracelet is a nice silver

Сообщение Smilely » Пт янв 12, 2018 5:16 am

I’m just sticking to the one styling: my newly completed blue and pandora soldes collier. I finished this one off with the initials, and the retired silver Piano from the UK sales (gone too soon!).I’ve been collecting Pandora for over four years now, and recently I’ve started to experiment with colours a bit more. The periwinkle Cinderella muranos look good with so many different combos, and I particularly love them with a bright pink – the Heartbeat pink enamel heart charm and the Wild Hearts murano look fab with them.

For me, these new pandora bracelet pas cher are a nice compromise between the two. The letters themselves are elegantly drawn, accompanied by pretty curlicues and, yes, a little dusting of pav, without being quite so blingy as the CZ letter pendants.I picked out an ‘E’ and a ‘G’ – the initials for me and my OH. A bit sappy I guess, but hey. I love the E in particular – the Victorian script looks beautiful and really does remind me of old, beautifully handwritten letters.

Why fans of the older pandora charms france style might not like the addition of in these new letter charms, but personally I think they’re a pretty big improvement on what’s gone before – they are elegant, light and full of pretty detail. The pavé is a soft accent, and it looks great paired with vibrant murano glass – such as the Cinderella muranos. The only negative is that some letters are too stylised and not particularly clear.
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