Ray-Ban is the global leader in premium eyewear market

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Ray-Ban is the global leader in premium eyewear market

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If you’re a sunglasses enthusiast, you probably love ray ban sunglasses uk outlet more than any other brand. Terms like ‘iconic’, ‘timeless’ and ‘status symbol’ have been thrown around a lot to describe designs from the American company, and in this case, they’re all justified. No other brand of sunglasses has captivated the attention of celebrities and common folk alike for decades together, and yet remain a leader in all regards.To celebrate the awesomeness that is Ray-Ban, LensPick presents, the top 3 Ray-Ban sunglasses you must buy!
What article about the top ray ban store uk is possible without a mention of the Aviator? Perhaps the design that’s most associated with the Ray-Ban name, and rightly so, the Aviator is undoubtedly the most loved design from the eyeglasses expert. It’s hard to believe that a style so loved even today is more than 75 years old. To get things into perspective, it’s older than a couple of countries!
After the wild success of the ray ban sunglasses sale uk, Ray-Ban could have pretty much stayed dormant and still made tons of money, yet they didn’t. In 1956, the Wayfarer was introduced. A departure from the metal based sunglasses in the market then, the Wayfarer was pretty much the herald of the transition phase from metal sunglasses to plastic ones.
Among the ray ban wayfarer sunglasses uk available today, the Clubmaster is perhaps the most ‘inspired’, so to speak. An adaptation of the popular Browline glasses design by Jack Rohrbach of Shuron Ltd., the Clubmaster made that design popular in sunglasses. Since Ray-Ban already dominated the market with the Aviator and Wayfarer by then, it was a little bit easier for the Clubmaster to gain traction, and so it did. After they were introduced in the 1980’s, they became the third bestselling design of that decade, behind only the Aviator and Wayfarer. Of course, it helped that the design was popularized by heavyweights such as Burt Lancaster, Lyndon B. Johnson and Malcolm X in the years prior.
Three timeless designs, one iconic company. If you’re looking to be part of a fashion legacy spanning decades, ray ban wayfarer uk cheap should be your one and only choice. No other manufacturer has the original designs to rival it, and no matter what you say about them, they remain the most important eyewear sunglass manufacturers in the world. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a pair of Ray-Bans today!
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